The Country Coordination Mechanism was set up for achieving the strategic coordination of the programs financed by the Global Fund as well as for their correlation with the National Plans and Strategies in the areas HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. The Country Coordination Mechanism is a multi-sector structure including representatives of the Government institutions, academic institutions, organizations of the people living with HIV/AIDS, non- Government organizations which develop HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis programs, private sector, as well as international multilateral or bilateral donor agencies. CNC-FG is acting in accordance with its bylaws and the Global Fund Recommendations to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The grants approved for Romania by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria constitute a major support in the increase of the national capacity of response against the two epidemics (HIV/AIDS and TB). These funds are used for consolidating and scalling up the prevention programs but also the services for caring those affected.

In 2006, the National Committee for the Coordination of the Programs Financed by the Global Fund, on the basis of the financial deficit for the control of the two epidemics in Romania, decided to apply for a new financing round organized by the Global Fund – 6th Round. Both financing requests submitted were approved, the grants following to be implemented by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation selected and appointed by the National Committee to fulfill the role of a Main Recipient for the programs financed by the Global Fund under the 6th Round.

In May and respectively September 2007 the Global Fund concluded with the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation the grant agreements for the first stage (the first 2 years) of the HIV/AIDS program, respectively Tuberculosis. The financing approved for the first stage of the 6th Round represent 9,338,352.00 USD for the HIV/AIDS component and 5,212,177.00 USD for Tuberculosis.


Organizations and Institutions that implement the HIV/AIDS and TB Round 6 GFATM Grants in Romania


  • “Close to You” Foundation / Fundatia Alaturi de Voi (ADV)

    The “Close to You” Romania Foundation (Fundatia Alaturi de Voi) is a Romanian non-governmental organization with an experience of over 5 years in direct assistance, promoting the rights of HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons and HIV prevention. The National “Close to You” Foundation’s headquarters is in Iaşi. Through the centers in Iaşi, Constanţa and Mureş, the Foundation performs in three regions of the country -Moldova, Transylvania and Dobrogea.

  • ACCEPT Association

    ACCEPT Association was established in 1994, the year when it was set up Bucharest Acceptance Group, an informal structure that promotes the open and rational, constructive dialogue on the complexity of relations between people of same sex.

  • The Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania (AIDRom)

    AIDRom was founded in 1991, as an ecumenical association of the churches in Romania. The Association carries out its activities as a development agency, developing projects on improving the educational system, the social-economic situation and environment.

  • ALIAT Association

    Founded in 1993, ALIAT (Alianta pentru Lupta Impotriva Alcoolismului si Toxicomaniilor) represents an association of professionals in mental health field.

  • ARAS (Romanian Anti-AIDS Association)

    One of the most active and representative non – governmental organizations from Romania, ARAS was founded in 1992, by a group of young volunteers.

  • The “Inima de Copil” Foundation

    The “Inima de Copil” Foundation was founded in December 1996, at the initiative of a group of Romanian volunteers, having the mission of granting the necessary support to the children and young people in difficulty, as well as to their families, improving the quality of their lives and increasing the chances of social integration.

  • Baylor-Black Sea Foundation

    The Baylor-Black Sea Foundation was founded by Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative- BIPAI from the Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA.

  • CENTRAS – Assisstance Centre for NGOs

    CENTRAS’ declared mission is to contribute at the development of democracy in Romania by strenghtening the role played by the non-gouvermental institutions.

    Therefore CENTRAS activates like a resource centre and a strategic partner for NGOs, no mather what activity profile they have, for the public administration, international institutions, private sector and the media.

  • Integration Association

    INTEGRATION Association is the only non-governmental organization from Bucharest made of ex or active drug users. At the beginning, at the half of the year 2004, it functioned only as a group of support, under the umbrella ARAS (Romanian Association Anti-AIDS), NGO which developed already since 2002 programs of reduction of the risk associated with the consume of drugs. Observing the existence of many problems – especially severe violations of human rights, for example the free access at medical treatment – the members of the group of initiative have decided to make something in this direction and have constituted an association.

  • Lizuca Association (Association of PLWHA In Bacau County)

    Founded in 2000, the “Lizuca” association has the purpose of defending the right of persons infected with HIV and to support their families from the social, psychological and material point of view.

  • “Noua Speranta” (“New Hope”) Association from Petrila

    The association was founded in 2002, having the mission of defending and promoting the rights and interests of the persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).

  • Population Services International Romania (PSI Romania)

    PSI represents in fact a global network, present in 50 countries.

  • Save the Children Organization

    The ‘Save the Children’ Romania is a non-governmental organization founded in 1990. Its mission is to defend children’s rights, as stated and defined by the UN’s Convention. This prestigious organization is present in 14 Romanian counties. The foundation’s personnel is composed by 6,000 members and more than 800 volunteers, most of them young people.

  • Foundation People’s Development

    Foundation People’s Development was founded in 1994 and implements activities dedicated to the problems of children and young people in need, especially of HIV positive children and their families. in foundation’s vision “any person can valorize own talents”.

  • Red Ribbon Foundation Falticeni

    Red Ribbon was founded in 2005 aiming to provide specific support and assistance services for HIV infected people from Falticeni.

  • Health Aid Romania

    HAR has continued the activity of Health Aid UK, started in 1990. It is one of the first foundations who has realized programs in the purpose of improving the quality of life for YPLWHA.

  • SCOP Timisoara – Children and Parents Association

    Children and Parents Association – SCOP Timisoara was founded in 1996.

  • Romanian Children’s Appeal Foundation

    Romanian Children’s Appeal Foundation (www.fundatiarca.ro) was founded in 1992 as a correspondent organization of “Romanian Children’s Appeal” Foundation Ireland, whose mission is to provide medical and social support for HIV/AIDS affected persons. At the beginning, our beneficiary were the HIV/AIDS children from “Dr. Victor Babeş” Hospital and Vidra Residential Hospital and 1.500 volunteers worked in care, education, entertainment and recovering programs for children with associated disabilities. Right from 1992, RCA Foundation fought for HIV infected children’s inclusion in the national education system and set up the schools where the children from the two institutions learnt.

  • Hope (Speranta) Association

    Founded in Constanta, early in 1990, Speranta Association is the first NGO working in HIV/AIDS field.

  • The Ministry of Internal Affaires and Administrative Reform

    The medical activities and health programs implemented and realized by the Ministry of Internal Affaires and Administrative Reform (M.I.R.A.) are coordinated by the General Medical Directorate (D.G.M.).

    This department of M.I.R.A. is permanently preocuppied by improving the quality of medical services designated to the personnel and also to the establishment of partership and collaboration relationships with other institutions and organizations, both national and international.

  • Romanian Harm Reduction Network (RHRN)
  • Society of Contraceptive and Sexual Education

    Society of Contraceptive and Sexual Education has proposed to itself, even from it’s foundation in 1991, to militate for promoting and respecting the right to free access for every person at education for health and to complex services, of high quality and integrated, in the domain of human reproduction health, based on own informed decision.

  • Youth for Youth (TNT)Youth for Youth Foundation (TNT) is one of the most active non-guvernmental organizations in the field og informing, educating and approaching the specific youth problems. A large number of young people, coming from all social and cultural levels, take part as volunteers at activities initiated and supervized by TNT.

    UNOPA is the sole non-guvermental federation from Romania founded by several organisations representing people afected by HIV/AIDS. It’s main activity is to promote and defend PLWHA’s rights in Romania.

  • The General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Hunedoara (DGASPC)