Conflict of Interest Policy

 Conflict of interests policy

All CCM members must be aware of the possible COI, that may arise when their private, personal, professional and/or financial interests may interfere with the

• The decisions they take as CCM members;

• The quality of their work;

• The CCM interests.

Still, COI may appear and they do not necessarily point to the integrity of the person. So this policy is centered more on the mitigation of the conflicts than on simply preventing them. Even the mere existence of the COI may affect the CCM image, so they need to be resolved with great care.

COI examples:

• Payments (other that salaries) for the work in the CCM;

• Contracts with organizations in which the person has a direct interest;

• Loyalty conflict: when somebody is employed by a donor or partner organization.

In order to record, monitor and mitigate the conflicts, all CCM members are asked to fill in each year the attached form (or as soon as possible after a change in this matter). The forms will be sent to the CM Secretariat to be analyzed and to initiate the necessary measures for mitigating the COIs evidentiated. These will for a catalogue of COIs that may be researched when needed.

Moreover, the CCM members are obliged to declare their private interests or the COIs before debating a certain COI (also true for videoconferences). If anybody has anything to declare, they may be asked to withdraw from discussions if necessary. In such cases, the person with declared COIs cannot vote in any matter pertaining the COIs and they should not be added to the quorum.

Periodically, the CCM may have to pay for the services of a director or of its organization/company, but in order to alleviate the COIs the sum allotted cannot exceed 12,000 euro for a director or its organization/company in a financial year. If there should be any exceptions from this rule, they should be discussed and decided upon by the CCM. Any other payment must be registered in the catalogue of COIs with details on the payment process.